Huge windows, graceful curves, wonderful views, efficient stainless steel appliances...your new home is something you'll be proud to show off. 

Simple and elegant, each of the apartment homes at Inspire was designed with you in mind. From lower utility bills to less clutter, we've blended beauty and functionality for a brighter, cleaner environment that will keep you in harmony with the space around you. 

A short commute to downtown for the corporate warrior, Lake Union and Green Lake right down the road for the water enthusiast, ample places to bike and walk...Inspire is perfectly located to allow you to live the life you choose. 

Situated in one of Seattle's most exciting neighborhoods, you're a short walk to restaurants, bars, fun activities, and all the other conveniences of modern life. 


With several design features that speak directly to sustainability, living what you believe has never been easier. 


“A living, sustainable future can be secured with buildings like Inspire -- a place where people can live and work with a light touch on the environment. Our world needs more net-positive buildings just like Inspire, where healthy, restorative, and resilient design conserves resources and prioritizes connections between people and nature." 


Denis Hayes, Founder, Earth Day Network